5’6 X 19.75 X 2.32 – 27.5 LITRES

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Shaper's comments

The WINGTWIN is based on Xanadu’s late 70s twin fin template. The mixture of a 70s outline combined with a post modern rocker design make this board magic. The board has a vee bottom flowing into double concave vee out the back. It works well for classic 70s twin fin style surfing and goes super fast down the line. After riding the WINGTWIN, your tri fin will feel like it drags seaweed!
Ideal weight Up to 80kg
Wave Range 1-4 ft
Fin Setup Twin Fin
Rail Type Full
Rocker Flat

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Sharper: Stuart Smith Phone: 07 5572 0098 Website: xanadusurfdesigns.com/home/

Instagram: @Xanadu_Surf

Tested by jb

First Impressions

I’d describe this board as a present I’d want from my girlfriend right before summer. It feels like the ultimate bundle of fun. Super flat, short, thick, rolled rails, and twin fin boxes close to a bat wing tail. It feels exactly like a twin fin should. With the extra volume, you get the impression you’d be hovering high out of the water with a tonne of speed.
Tested by jb

Tester's Comments

The flat rocker and twin fin set up generated almost instantaneous speed. The benefit of having so much speed was that I could choose my sections carefully. I could take my time in set up without having to pump, which makes the wave feel like more of a canvass for you to explore. What surprised me about this board was the amount of control I had. Usually when I ride twin fins, it’s a challenge trading off speed for control. For the Xanadu, this wasn’t the case. My first ride on the board, I was presented with a solid bowling section on my backhand; I threw caution to the wind with a deep, hard bottom turn to go vertical through the lip, and to my surprise the board gave me all the control I needed. No holding back here. Having the fins a little further back means you get more control, but the wide open bat wing swallow tail also allowed sufficient release when I wanted it; meaning I could do tail slides, tail throws, and airs, as I liked.