Album Disasym

Disasym- 5’9 x 19.25 x 2.5 - 30 Litres Ridden by Robbie Rickard

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Ride this board if...

You think outside of the box but you still want to rip. You want ultimate speed and ultimate control – frontside and backside.

Under the hood...

Asymmetrical performer. Twin fin speed on your toes with quad grip on your heels. Performance rocker paired with a deep, single concave engine, allows this board to light up average surf and shine in the good stuff. The magic is, that it has all the speed and fun of a twin fin along with the manoeuvrability and confidence of a performance shortboard. Goes equally well frontside and backside – engineered to maximise each approach uniquely. Built for your stance. Made to get you excited to surf, to find new lines and a new level of stoke.

5’0 - 6’8 Available Sizes
2-6ft Wave Size
3.8/5 Paddle Power
4.2/5 Drive / speed
4.7/5 Manoeuvrability
Tri Fin Setup
Moderate - Aggressive Rocker
Medium Rails

Robbie's Conclusion

This board wins most intriguing board of the trip award. As soon as I pulled it out of the board bag I knew this would be interesting! I’ve ridden a few asymmetricals before but this one looked particularly fun. The fin cluster has a quad set-up on the heel side and twin fin on the toe, so three fins all up and a longer rail line on the toes. It also features a performance rocker, deep single concave and an asym-type nose shape. I had the perfect opportunity to surf it at a fast, right-hand point break and had an absolute ball. It was super zippy, and I could really feel the extra drive on my toe side and pivot through the heels. If you have access to any long, fast point breaks this is a must have in your quiver and will spice up your surfing for the better.

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  • Shaper: Nathaniel Tummon
  • Phone: +61 474 702 820