Album Insanity

Insanity- 5’10 x 19.5 x 2.5 - 31 Litres Ridden by Robbie Rickard

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You want the most versatile one-board quiver to fly on in the small stuff and hold in a barrel.

Under the hood...

The Insanity was developed with Josh Kerr over the last half of 2017. He wanted a one-board solution to take to the North Shore for that 17/18 winter season. We worked on a few ideas and found some black magic! It has a little bit of fish, a little bit of step-up and a lot of performance wrapped into a tight, foam friendly package with an alternative performance rocker and modern bottom contours and a slight beak nose. Makes for an amazing combo that works in all sorts of conditions. Josh has ridden this in everything from waist-high runners to 10-foot Pipeline.

5’0 - 6’8 Available Sizes
3-8ft Wave Size
3.9/5 Paddle Power
3.9/5 Drive / speed
4.3/5 Manoeuvrability
Five Fin Setup
Low - Performance Rocker
Medium Rails

Robbie's Conclusion

Picking up this red baron for the first time it had funboard written all over it. But after checking out the back half, which features a lovely pulled in swallow tail, I was thinking this may have a lot more drive and hold than your average funboard. And I wasn’t wrong. First session, I found myself jamming it tight in the pocket, despite its flattish rocker and holding rail at high speed thanks to the outline and tail shape. The slight beak nose and full rails gave me some extra paddle power and confidence to drop in late, especially in the hollower waves. The Insanity gives you that high-performance feel, and is fast and super user-friendly from the start. For most surfers this board would slot right into their quiver to cover a range of conditions.

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  • Shaper: Nathaniel Tummon
  • Phone: +61 474 702 820