The Mind Bender - 5’10 1/2 x 19 1/4 x 2 3/8 - 28.4 Litres Ridden by Tyler Warren

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Ride this board if...

You want something different to mass-produced popouts and to experience tail channels that lacerate the face of a wave and give you something to drive off.

Under the hood...

Well, after you have been shaping for 44 years you can basically shape any style of surfboard for any sorts of waves ... I have always been a designer/shaper who uses Australian workers to manufacture my boards, not Asian popouts that basically copy the curves and contours that the Australian surfboard industry has made. My designs reflect that 44-year history and the flatter tail curve I use gives you a turbo-charged board, while the tail channels allow you to attack the face and dig it. You will find this model so much fun that it works in all sorts of waves and it’s definitely made with that in mind.

5’0 - 8’0 Available Sizes
2-6ft Wave Size
5/5 Paddle Power
5/5 Drive / speed
5/5 Manoeuvrability
3 or 4 Fin Setup
Low - Medium Rocker
Low Rails

Tyler's Conclusion

With loads of rocker, five channels, a stepped-out swallow tail and crazy resin tint, the Mind Bender had me intrigued. I was a fan of the tail and the channels off the tail but would’ve loved it to have been a hair narrower. As anticipated, this board flew through the steeper sections, almost as if you had picked up the triple mushroom on Mario Kart. This boost of speed caused a few turning difficulties but once I lined up the right section with control it felt solid. A slightly thinner tail and narrower plan shape may have helped me to engage the rail earlier, but this performance fish has plenty of spark. Suits the everyday surfer looking for a board to ride day in day out.

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  • Shaper: Ed Sinnott
  • Phone: 0404 059 321