Paraflex- 6’0 1/2 x 18 3/4 x 2 5/16 Ridden by Todd Rosewall

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You are looking contemporary shape combined with futuristic technologies that provides a ride that is solid under-foot with increased life, spring and pop.

Under the hood...

Para-flex Whip is a high-performance based model that will light up in medium to good quality waves. Standard medium rocker with late tail kick to give it whip and release off the top. Medium low rails providing plenty of hold and drive in punchy hollow waves. The construction method used on this board is something we’ve been developing over the past three years. Taking a stringerless PU blank cutting and glueing our own parabolic composite stringers down each rail, ending in line with the front fins then glassed in Epoxy. This produces an extremely responsive board with controlled flex felt under the back-foot when pushing hard into and out of turns and a coiled spring feel when pumping and accelerating down the line.

Any Size Available Sizes
3-6 ft Wave Size
3/5 Paddle Power
5/5 Drive / speed
5/5 Manoeuvrability
Tri Fin Setup
Medium - Low Rocker
Medium Rails

Todd's Conclusion

Knowing the waves surrounding Gravelle, I knew this board would come into its own as soon as the long period swells rolled through the Mentawai Island chain. With an exciting new stringerless Epoxy construction dubbed ‘Paraflex’, a lovely outline and round tail, I knew exactly the type of waves this needed to perform. Session one, wave one, I found myself stroking into a heaving right-hand slab and had complete faith in the board. It knifed down the face well, and felt at home inside the tube, exactly as I had anticipated. On the performance side the outline and pulled-in tail allowed me to drive hard and lean into some big long bottom turns with complete confidence. It had good release through the lip though the Epoxy factor had me getting held up a touch if there was any wind. This is the ultimate board for anyone regularly surfing thick powerful waves that will hold in no matter what’s thrown at it.

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  • Shaper: Mick Gravelle
  • Phone: (08) 86251 094