Lightning Bolt

HP Bolt Swallow- 6’0 1/2 x 18 7/8 x 2 3/8 - 28.35 Litres Ridden by Todd Rosewall

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Ride this board if...

You want maximum grip off the bottom with the claw action of a swallow while retaining total freedom off the top.

Under the hood...

The swallow is a great alternative to the common rounded pin tail in bigger waves. The claw action of the swallow holds off the bottom just as good as a narrower pin, but delivers more dynamic moves off the top. The rails are small box designed to handle maximum plunge with a quick release response. The plan shape in the back half is a clean curve with no hips, and the depth of the concave is deepest between your two feet in order to get maximum lift squirt and bight. Using Epoxy resin on a PU shape is not common, but we have found there is extra nose-to-tail flex and the board can handle shock better, particularly with the diagonal weave concept. It should come home unscathed as well as providing a sensation under foot.

5’8 - 6’8 Available Sizes
3-6 ft Wave Size
2.5/5 Paddle Power
4.5/5 Drive / speed
4/5 Manoeuvrability
Tri Fin Setup
Medium - High Rocker
Low Box Rails

Todd's Conclusion

As soon as I picked it up, there was a distinctly recognisable feel to this board. Most likely because I spent the better part of my teens riding Murray Bourton’s boards. This particular model has low rolled rails, a classic outline, swallow tail and a rocker to cover the Indonesian archipelago. Weight wise, it was a touch heavier than the others with some extra cloth, and featured carbon patches on the tail and also a strip over the tip of the swallow. It paddled well and the extra weight was great to combat the stiff offshores and helped to push down the face on the ledgey ones. I had no trouble at speed off the bottom with the extended rail line swallow tail, though I struggled a little to really turn sharply through the lip. Whether this was all the carbon stiffening up the tail too much preventing some flex I’m not completely sure, but there was certainly no threat of sliding out. Perhaps a sacrifice you have to make if you want the best out of your bottom turn.

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  • Shaper: Murray Bourton
  • Phone: +61 421 385 692