Shiitake- 6’6 x 20.5 x 2.58 - 37.9 Litres Ridden by Tyler Warren

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Ride this board if...

You are looking for a mid-length to be ridden 7-8 inches longer than you are tall depending on the feel you are after.

Under the hood...

Notox is an exciting technology that is tackling the issue of sustainable surfing head-on with innovative and ecologically-friendly surfboard construction. The traditional surfboard generates around 6 kg of waste whereas a Notox surfboard produces only 1 kg of waste, 75% of which is recyclable. This is a stark contrast when you consider the number of boards manufactured annually. The Shiitake is not a shortboard, it’s a mid-length fish with performance built into it. It has a very classic outline carrying more width forward of centre for paddle power and drive. When combined with a quad set-up it delivers drive and hold. Alternatively, we offer our Twinzer set-up to loosen the board up and allow tighter, easier turning.

6’2 - 7’4 Available Sizes
2-10ft Wave Size
5/5 Paddle Power
5/5 Drive / speed
3/5 Manoeuvrability
Quad Fin Setup
Low Rocker
Low Rails

Tyler's Conclusion

This board was shaped by Blake from Panda Surfboards who are based in Byron Bay. The 6’6’’ quad featured a baby swallow and relatively flat rocker that seemed just right. I was a little wary of the construction at the start, but looking forward to something fresh and new. For a 6’6” it paddled like a 7’6”, which was further amplified by the Epoxy element. For a bigger board it turned well in smaller and larger surf and was an easy board to ride straight away. Overall, the construction felt durable and strong. It still had great pushback like your conventional PU make and it was nice and light. A fantastic fit for anyone looking for an eco-friendly board that will survive the test of time.

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  • Shaper: Blake Peters
  • Phone: +61 407 409 558