Shiitake- 6’6 x 20.5 x 2.58 - 37.9 Litres Ridden by Robbie Rickard

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Ride this board if...

You are looking for a mid-length fish. This is to be ridden seven-eight inches longer than your height, depending on the feel you are after. Lots of paddle power and flow.

Under the hood...

A mid-length fish with performance built into it. It has a classic outline carrying more width forward of centre for paddle power and drive, but when combined with the Twinzer fin set-up and bottom contours it is surprisingly nimble when you jam on the tail. The nose entry rocker is flat with a rolled Vee, single concave through the centre blending into double concave to concave Vee right out the tail. This creates lots of rail line rocker off the tail to keep it manoeuvrable, yet also helps preserve drive and hold due to the centre line rocker. The Twinzers create less drag and also allow the board to turn more effortlessly. paddle in early with lots of speed and flow down the line, and lay down big carves.

6’2 - 7’4 Available Sizes
2-10ft Wave Size
5/5 Paddle Power
5/5 Drive / speed
3/5 Manoeuvrability
Twinzer Fin Setup
Low Rocker
Low Rails

Robbie's Conclusion

The biggest board of my quiver and the trip, this 6’7’’ Twinzer probably got me the most excited. It’s quite a step away from my stock board, though with it boxy rails, high volume and an exquisite marble spray, the Panda looked like a wave catching machine. Riding this board felt like cheating at times as I cut laps around the pack and glided into anything I wanted. It flew down the line with the Twinzer fin set-up; almost too fast at times but shifting back onto the tail allowed me to slow it down and draw out some big open face carves. The flow it had was a key feature and speed maintenance was never a problem at all. The average Joe looking for something totally different would love this board with Lennox Point an example of the ideal testing ground.

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  • Shaper: Blake Peters
  • Phone: +1 94 9258 2271