Wonton Twin- 5’9 x 18.8 x 2.4 - 28.55 Litres Ridden by Tyler Warren

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You are interested in the feel of a twin with a high level of performance in your surfing. The flavour is retro, the spice is contemporary.

Under the hood...

Inspired by the twins ridden around 1980. The flat-ish rocker supplies loads of available speed. The bottom has a concave running through the meat of the board, shifting to a double concave through the side fin area. These contours respond well when the board is driven hard. The board has the ability to glide on the forward volume area at any moment, while swooping back to the most critical wave position at any point in time. Well-balanced volume distribution ensures the rider enjoys the smoothest transitions from forward trim into tail surfing. Features the slightest nose beak, and also a hip in the outline behind the side fins. The rail through to the tail has contours much like your current performance shapes – hard edges for bite and definition.

5’7 - 6’4 Available Sizes
2-5ft Wave Size
4/5 Paddle Power
4/5 Drive / speed
3/5 Manoeuvrability
Twin + 1 Fin Setup
Low - Medium Rocker
Medium Rails

Tyler's Conclusion

Under the arm this felt like one of my favourite boards, most likely because it’s closest to the dimensions I typically ride. The thickness, fin placement and weight all looked and felt spot-on with this orange rocket. The only thing I would’ve liked was a hair more rocker but that’s being picky. I ended up riding this board in a range of conditions and it really was a fantastic all-rounder. It offered plenty of drive and hook on the bigger more open-faced canvas, which was especially amplified by the pulled in round tail. The speed this board carried was certainly a major feature and catching waves was stress-free. The Paterson is a genuine all-round everyday option but I could certainly see it holding its own in big tubes as well. The twin trailer fin set-up provides a different feel to your run of the mill thruster and for me was the key to this board.

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  • Shaper: Stuart Paterson
  • Phone: 0410 523 501