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The Antidepressant - 6’1 x 19 1/2 x 2 9/16 Ridden by Tyler Warren

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Ride this board if...

You want a bit more economy in your surfing, just place the board in the right part of the wave and let it do the work.

Under the hood...

Extra volume throughout the board with a flat deck equates to paddle power. A slight forward foil allows you to gain speed by placing the board in the power source rather than constantly keeping the board activated, like a contemporary thruster. The bottom contours are as follows. Slight Vee through the entry of the board to add a little curve in the rail line to balance out the very low centre rocker. Leading into a light single through the midpoint to further flatten the rocker and provide a little push back under your front foot. The single then blends into a double, to Vee-double, exiting out the tail. Thus giving you a little bit more curve through the rail whilst keeping some flatness in the bottom line. The two plus one fin set-up allows control over fin placement and templates, and add or reduce stiffness and control.

All Sizes Available Sizes
2-8ft Wave Size
4.5/5 Paddle Power
4/5 Drive / speed
3.5/5 Manoeuvrability
Two + 1 Fin Setup
Low Rocker
Medium - Low Rails

Tyler's Conclusion

The Shyama screams Winki Pop or J-Bay. Clean down the line, open face walls whilst weaving in and out of barrels. Fin wise it has the two plus one set-up complimented by a silky, diamond tail and top-notch glasswork. You could really feel the love that went into the production of this craft. I’d kept this in the rack in anticipation of a swell, but couldn’t wait and ended up riding it in a range of conditions. Initially, I thought it needed a touch more rocker, but it loved the steepness of the Mentawai reefs. It offered plenty of drive, drew a lovely arc and carried its speed with ease. With the extra length it has exceptional paddle power. The two plus one is a fun all-round board that can handle some serious juice but still perform in the tighter pockets. A favourite for sure.

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