Hydroshort- 5’9 x 19 5/16 x 2 1/2 Ridden by Robbie Rickard

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You are looking for a high-performance board that loves perfection and slop in equal measure and offers paddle power.

Under the hood...

The Hydroshort is a next generation Tomo shortboard design, with consideration for artificial waves. Inspired by the functional aesthetic of the Hydronaut, the Hydroshort is tuned for maximum performance in small to medium waves. Highlighted by the ultra-modern ‘torpedo nose’ profile, the Hydroshort has an incredible rail-to-rail flow and low swing weight at the front end, which translates to a feeling of instant response. Coupled with a clean, continuous, (medium) rocker curve and the quad inside single concave (QISC), the Hydroshort is ready for maximum wave attack with tremendous bursts of speed. The squash tail version is more favourable in flatter face, and weaker wave conditions.

5’4 - 6’8 Available Sizes
1-5ft Wave Size
5/5 Paddle Power
5/5 Drive / speed
5/5 Manoeuvrability
Five Fin Setup
Medium Rocker
Medium Rails

Robbie's Conclusion

The Hydroshort is a sensory overload, a stringerless Epoxy with a torpedo nose, rounded squash tail, channels and 5-fin option (ridden as quad or thruster). There’s a lot to digest. It was the lightest board of my quiver and you could feel the whip sensation in the construction from wave one. Initially, I rode this as a quad and struggled a little to really open up, but ditching a fin opened up a new door. The shortened nose allowed me to jam it hard and tight under the lip with the squash tail holding in well at high speed. It was beyond responsive and one of my most memorable turns of the trip, a big back-foot hack, was thanks to this board. A complete contrast from your standard PU short board, but for small to medium sized performance waves this will offer the average surfer lots of energy and spark.

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  • Shaper: Daniel ‘Tomo’ Thomson