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The Saint- 5’9 x 19 x 2 1/2 - 30.8 Litres Ridden by Kolton Sullivan

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You’re looking for a board with a classic look and progressive feel to spice up your surfing life. This will draw you lines you didn’t think were possible.

Under the hood...

One of Town & Country’s most iconic boards to this day. It’s an updated twin fin, based on the board that Pottz used back in the heyday when twins were all the rage. Fuller twin, wing swallow outline with a beaked nose. Most guys order the board with glassed on twin fins, but they can also come with either Futures or FCS.

5’5 - 6’5 Available Sizes
2-4ft Wave Size
2-4ft Paddle Power
5/5 Drive / speed
4.5/5 Manoeuvrability
Twin Fin Setup
Moderate Rocker
Boxy Rails

Kolton's Conclusion

The first word that came to mind when I saw this board was Martin Potter! I was immediately drawn to the classic 80s spray and the back half of the board, which features a swallow tail and winged, twin fin set-up. It’s a great looking board. For a twin fin there’s not much this board couldn’t do. It had a great combination; feeling like something between a high-performance twin fin and thruster, which is rare in the modern twin fins. Strong off the bottom and easily manoeuvrable off the top, making it a real confidence booster in solid waves. It drove through tubes like no tomorrow and the extra foam forward with the beaked nose meant that a foam ball was no match for it. I would recommend this board for someone chasing a classic feel with a modern twist and plenty of paddle power to match.

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  • Shaper: Glenn Pang
  • Phone: 02 9997 8266