Tyler Warren

Performance Fish- 5’6 x 18 7/8 x 2 3/16 - 25.5 Litres Ridden by Kolton Sullivan

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Ride this board if...

You want a board to grovel on or ride well in clean head-high and just above waves.

Under the hood...

This board is my take on the high-performance fishy shortboard. The forward half looks like a fuller shortboard, while the tail, a chopped swallow tail around eight inches wide at tail block, allows for instant speed and looseness. It features a straight rail line in the last 1/4 inch of the board for drive. The slight flatness in the forward deck is blended into the rails and through the tail. The bottom is slight single concave with a bit of double for maximum water flow. Forgiving rails further forward that become nice and edgy in the back. Board will work well with a number of fin set-ups.

5’2 - 7’0 Available Sizes
2-6ft Wave Size
4/5 Paddle Power
4/5 Drive / speed
5/5 Manoeuvrability
Five Fin Setup
Moderate Rocker
Low Rails

Kolton's Conclusion

I’m a little biased toward Tyler’s shapes as I ride for him, but under the arm this just feels like the one, magic even. The weight and the swallow tail are key features for me, and I pictured myself slotting into some big, unruly, hollow right-hand caves, i.e. Nias. With the perfect balance of rocker to fit in the tight Indonesian pockets, I couldn’t wax it up fast enough. For a smaller board, I was blown away by how well it paddled. It took me a couple of waves to work out the sweet spot but after that I felt as if I’d opened a new door in my surfing. It drove hard off the bottom when it was all on the line at a heaving right slab, and had the exact right amount of pivot and release when called upon. This board is ideal for an advanced surfer who wants something to take on a trip that can do it all. From one to two-foot ramps to gaping six-foot tubes, I guarantee they will ride it every day and love it.

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  • Shaper: Tyler Warren