Flick Knife - 5’10 x 19 3/8 x 2 3/8 - 28.4 Litres Ridden by Mitch Crews

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you’re after a reliable, affordable go-to EPS performance shortboard.

Under the hood...

The advantage of the ‘Flick Knife’ is some extra volume hidden along the spine, and a fraction more width in the back half, just to add a layer of forgiveness and overall usability when the waves are a little softer. Drawing on a tried and tested rocker and foils developed over many years, the ‘Flick Knife’ allows for super tight turns in the pocket, and smooth power snaps on the wave face. Lastly, the advantages of the EPS construction, such as the extra pop & response, buoyancy and reduced weight are offered at an affordable price compared to others on the market. This board is value for money performance.

5’9 - 6’2 Available Sizes
2-6 ft Wave Size
4/5 Paddle Power
4/5 Drive / speed
4.5/5 Manoeuvrability
Thruster Fin Setup
EPS Construction
“The EPS construction was also super light, and gave me a fast, lively feeling under foot.”

Mitch's Conclusion

Epoxy technology is quickly establishing itself as a go-to board construction in the small stuff. However, I struggle with EPS boards and as a result typically steer clear of riding them. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised when I jumped on the Island ‘Flick Knife’ during the test. The board was a classic take on the performance epoxy being slightly shorter and wider than a typical shortboard but utilising a performance foil and rocker. The EPS construction was also super light, and gave me a fast, lively feeling under foot. The board was most comfortable in small, weak waves: producing speed easily and turning tight. When tested in some more forceful surf it still managed to hold its own. On rail it was solid just as it was through more vertical turns. Overall, it was a great all-round board with extra zip in the small stuff. On top of this, the board retails for a far less than a standard EPS. A great option for someone looking to enter the realm of EPS technology without busting their bank.