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Missing Twin - 5’5 x 19 x 21/4 - 27 Litres Ridden by Liam O’Brien

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you’re looking for some extra zip out of your everyday session.

Under the hood...

The Missing Twin is my take on the modern day Twin Fin. It is a versatile board that is suitable for beginner to advanced surfers in all types of small waves. Featuring a fuller outline and higher volume this board catches waves with ease. It has a flat rocker that glides across sections and a flyer to swallow tail combination that gives you that needed control when the board is put on rail. The 4 deep channels add extra acceleration when surfing weaker waves but really come to life when the waves turn on.

5’1 - 6’4 Available Sizes
1-4 ft Wave Size
5/5 Paddle Power
4/5 Drive / speed
5/5 Manoeuvrability
2 + 1 Fin Setup
PU Construction
“The ‘Missing Twin’ by Simon Massey is a great take on the modern-day twin fin and is perfect to reignite the fun in surfing.”

Liam's Conclusion

Massey’s ‘Missing Twin’ was a brilliant execution of the modern-day twin fin. It was also the only alternative shape I got to test on the trip. This was fitting as it’s generally the role of a twin fin to reinvigorate one’s surfing after they’ve become stale with their performance boards. This sentiment resonated closely with myself by the time I jumped on the Massey, with it being one of the last boards I tested. The board provided me with a great deal of fun even in marginal conditions. My first surf on it was at D’bah wall. I decided to pick off some scraps beneath the pack and even on the paltry scraps the board rocketed forth. The 2+1 set-up I utilised as well as its four deep channels gave me fantastic drive and hold, enabling me to lay it on rail. For a twin fin it was impressive to be able to surf with gusto without sliding out. I also had various sessions on it in more marginal waves and the fun factor was equally as high. It glided across dead sections and zipped through transitions. It even lent itself to the occasional air on the right section. The ‘Missing Twin’ by Simon Massey is a great take on the modern-day twin fin and is perfect to reignite the fun in surfing.