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The Pacifier - 6’0 x 19 x 2 3/8 - 28.46 Litres Ridden by Mitch Crews

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you turn up for a surf and are undecided on what to ride.

Under the hood...

The board features an average rocker for all conditions, with a late nose flip to suit suckier take-offs. It has a flat to single concave for speed, with extra concave between the feet to keep it sensitive and manouvarable. It features a smooth outline to create drive and flow. Extra foam under the chest and front foot for extra paddle power plus the thickeness under the front foot helps with grovelling through dead sections. The Pacifier has a foiled out squash tail to keep hold in the punchier stuff but is wide enough to flow through mush. Chippa has ridden this from wavepools to the Mentawai. He wanted a board he couldn’t complain about, hence he came up with the name `Pacifier`.

5’2 - 6’6 Available Sizes
1-5 ft Wave Size
4/5 Paddle Power
4/5 Drive / speed
3/5 Manoeuvrability
Thruster Fin Setup
PU Construction
“The balance of these opposing performance aspects was an obvious hallmark of the model”

Mitch's Conclusion

The model Matt Hurworth submitted for this years’ test was a board of vast adaptability. The shape was free from any frills or secret construction techniques. It comprised a smooth outline, flat to single concave, standard rocker, and a bit of extra foam under the chest. It made sense that this type of simple design performed. All of its elements worked in conjunction instead of conflicting with one another. The board had great release out of the lip but at the same time a strong sense of control. Likewise, it drove well off the bottom, but was still proficient in traversing dead sections. The balance of these opposing performance aspects was an obvious hallmark of the model. It was thus easy to apply the board to an array of conditions. One of the better surfs I had on the board was in some steep beachies. It was marvellous on rail, following a tight turning circle and carried its speed effortlessly through transitions. The volume up front also made it easy to get airborne and gather speed off the bat, rounding out its highly versatile performance armoury.