This twelve-minute, fly-on-the-wall style clip delivers a more intimate look at what it’s like to roll with John John and his crew. Cut together with footage from in and around the 2019 Bali event, we get the distinct impression that John knows how to have plenty of good-natured fun on the road with his friends and family. There are some telling moments though – like when John explains why he has to do airs despite the niggling knee injury (remember this is all before the Brazil event where he really tweaked it). “It’s kind of like when you’re partially addicted to cheese, but you love cheese… If it’s the best air section I’ve seen, I’m doing a fuckin’ air.”

In this refreshingly unserious edit, we get to see Jon Pyzel attempt to foil the Bali Pool, John’s mum drop in on him and brother Nate dial-up for a video call after winning a heat elsewhere in the world. Of course, there are also many dazzling surfing moments, which remind us of why we miss John John so much.

Hurry back now.