It’s been quite a couple of days at The Superbank and Kirra. While John John flew in for a celebrated cameo and quiver test he certainly wasn’t the only all-star in the lineup as Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Jack Freestone, Steph Gilmore, Tyler Wright, Matt Wilkinson, Owen Wright, Cooper Chapman, Mitch Cruise and a host of other pros jostled with the Coolangatta masses. 

There were some stellar moments (Watch out for Cooper Chapman’s double barrel in this clip), but  after a wave-starved summer and one recent south swell, there was always going to be a major crowd factor at play with the first  genuine east swell of the year. As one of those who was sucked into the vortex I distinctly remember seeing a surfer drop in in on John John, try a chop hop and nearly take out the world champ’s kneecaps with his loose board. On the Superbank no one is spared. Just ask Steph Gilmore who is the victim of a couple of merciless burnings in this clip.        

The big question that this clip won't answer – was Burleigh better in this swell? You'd have to ask those who were lucky enough to make it off the rocks and through the sweep.   

Clip by Blainey Woodham