According to our French connection, it has been The Greatest Autumn Session to Ever Hit Hossegor "The biggest barrels ever on that Hossegor bank"

Strict COVID restrictions mean it was only the French Pros and those in surf dependent jobs who got an exemption to surf. The lockdown gauntlet runners have been sneaking in a few sessions and things have settled down a bit since the Spring lockdown when one group of surfers was ambushed from a helicopter by gun-wielding police.

There was only one kind of gun required to paddle into the waves in this footage, although most riders elected for the convenience and artificial speed delivered by a whip in or step-off. Perhaps using horsepower is not as rewarding in a puritanical, self-sufficient kind of way but it did make the barrel count much higher.   

Meanwhile, the best the rest of us can do is drool over the footage of glorious beachies at Graviere and ponder the 90s guitar riffs in the soundtrack. 

Surfers: Joan Duru, Miky Picon, Benjamin Sanchis, Justin Becret...