Last week we introduced the second series of O’Neills O’Riginals mini doco/profiles. It introduces us to a couple of surfers who juggle work and study, with the pursuit of surfing excellence. They are a testament to the fact that you can still cultivate a career and become an exceptional surfer.

Here we dive into the world of Sydney chippie Beau Cram, the son of former Top 10 power mongrel Richard Cram who melted people’s face’s off with his epic cutties in the iconic 80s surf film The Performers.

It goes without saying that his offspring grew up with a healthy understanding of good surfing, and also that winning heats isn’t the be-all and end-all. While Beau has the DNA to bury the rail and throw buckets with the best of them, it’s his creativity and experimentation that have seen him go on to become one the most naturally gifted surfers in any line-up and does so on a wide variety of conventional and non-conventional craft.

One thing that rings true is the Beau always does it on his own terms.