Life seems pretty straightforward for Benjamin Sanchis. Put your beanie on, pack your board bag, hitch the jet-ski to the van and go pull into some crazy pits.

The clip's title, ‘Macaronesian Bliss’, tells us that Benji and his brethren are scoring in one or more of the volcanic island chains off the Atlantic coast of Europe and Africa – the Azores, Madeira, Cape Verde and the Canary Islands. Astute observers will probably work it out.

In addition to the throaty pits and lunar landscapes this clip also features Benji demonstrating why being towed into a giant, reeling right can result in some glorious open-face carves. When towing in facilitates genuine, big wave ripping (like the kind Kai Lenny does at Jaws) the ski and rope really do seem to have a worthy place in surfing. As the footage demonstrates, without the whip- in it's almost impossible to find the paddle-in speed to keep up with the rolling thunder.       

Filmed & Edited by Alex Lesbats (@alexlesbats), additional footage by Danny Beukers, soundtrack by The Black Angels - Black Grease

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