Russell Bierke is a polite and courteous kid from the South Coast of NSW. Well, that is until you put him in front of waves that turn others to water. This is when the red-mist descends and Russ comes into his own.

You see, big wave surfing flows in Russ’ veins. The son of Kirk Bierke, a well known shaper and big wave surfer, Russ idolised his Dad and wanted to emulate the way he approached surfing. So eager was Russ to get amongst the big stuff, Kirk would often have to tell Russ he wasn’t able to join him in the surf when it was obviously outside his young abilities.

When Russ came of age however, his Dad encouraged and guided Russ in tackling heavy waves.

“Eventually when I had the ability and was old enough to handle it, he let me tag along and showed me the ropes and different lineups, Says Russ in the film. “It’s really helped me be where I am today.” 

And where Russ is today is one of Australia’s best and youngest big wave surfers. Watch the clip to find out why.