Raised on the ledging reefs of Hawaii’s Big Island, sixteen year-old Brodi Sale is already blazing a trail through competitive surfing. Earlier this year the Hawaiian prodigy made the semi-finals of the Volcom Pipe Pro, which earns him a slot in the Pipe Masters trials at the end of the year. Brodi has Shane Dorian as a mentor and, courtesy of a KS designs sponsorship, is in regular contact with Kelly for tips and advice. The Kelly connection also means that he is already a veteran of two trips to the KS wave pool.

The lanky natural footer, who grew twelve inches in one year, was recently on a Tracks Indo trip on-board the Mangalui (see the clip above) where he impressed everyone with his mature barrel riding act and progressive flair.

Below he talks about Big Island life, surfing Pipe and hustling Kelly to ride the wave pool.

You grew up and live on the Big Island of Hawaii. How do you think that shapes and influences your surfing?

Not much sand and comfortable in heavy waves from an early age? Growing up in Kona as a surfer has been really cool. It is the perfect place for a grom to learn how to surf in heavier waves without too much consequence. It also has such a great group of people in a small community. 

Brodi going big in the Banyaks on a recent Tracks trip. Photo: Swilly

What’s the coolest thing about the Big Island ?

Being a small community everyone know everyone, so it's pretty cool to be able to paddle out basically anywhere and know everyone out in the line up. 

You made the semis of the Volcom Pipe Pro earlier this year. Did that deliver a major confidence boost? Are you comfortable at Pipe?

That contest was so much fun. It was definitely the biggest result of my carrier and a massive confidence booster, but to be honest all that i was thinking about is just getting to surf out at pipe with a couple other guys out. I definitely wouldn't say I am comfortable out at Pipe because I still get scared shit less when its big and I see 2nd reefers capping out the back. I do love surfing out there though because its not very often you get a good one and then when you do it is so rewarding. 

You have already had two trips to the KS wave pool. The first time you basically just hit Kelly up didn’t you?

Yeah I've been there twice now and each time was an insane amount of fun. Yeah, one day I texted him and asked him if I could fit into one day during last summer. He said yes.

There's a welcome mix of power and style in Brodi's attack. Photo: Swilly

Is it the pool fun or do you feel like the level of expectation goes up because of what’s possible and you feel stressed ?

The pool is so so so much fun, but to try and get "banger" clips there is hard because everyone in the world has seen the Filipe's, John John's and Kelly's do what is possible on it over and over again. I think that pool the last couple times I've been there has really helped improve my barrel riding though. Even though its nothing like an actual wave in the ocean it is still really good practice and really fun.

You were there with Shane Dorian’s son Jackson who had it pretty dialed . How was it watching your friend go off at the pool?

Yeah Jackson has improved a crazy amount in the last 6 months. The wave pool trips we have done have defiantly helped. I think he is the best 12 year old in the air that there has ever been. Super proud of him. It would be super cool to be able to travel around the world with him one day on the QS and then hopefully the CT.

You ride Kelly's boards – KS designs. Which model do you prefer?

I cant thank Slater Designs enough for what they have done for me in my career and what they are continuously doing for me. I really like the Gamma.

Shane Dorian is another mentor figure. Is he a big presence on the Big Island ? Does he drag you out in crazy slabs?

Yeah for sure. He is looked up to so much by everyone here on the Big Island. Shane has done so much for our small surf community and myself. Some of the slabs he surfs over here are ridiculous. I don't want anything to do with some of them as of right now. He did take me out to Jaws around 2 years ago though. That was really cool but also very scary experience. I'm very lucky to call him a friend. 

What about Torrey Meister? He’s another big island legend. He seems like one of the funniest guys in surfing?

You mean uncle Haole Gecko? Haha. Yeah Torrey is also another legend from here. He is one of the funniest humans I've ever met. He such a good guy hang out with. There's always laughs to be had with him. I hope I can go some more surf trips with him next year.

Brodi under the hood of a secret slab on a recent Tracks trip to Indo. Photo: Swilly

You were recently on a Tracks trip through Northern Indonesia. Was it a buzz? 

Yeah the last trip was super fun. It was the best crew of guys I've ever been on a trip with. It was really cool to be on a boat in the middle of no where surfing our brains out, playing cards and busting out Napoleon Dynamite phrases the whole trip. Would be cool to try and make an annual trip with those boys again. 

Apparently the boys hooked you up with a big fish?

Hahahahaha. I caught the newest discovered know to mankind. The bucket fish. 

See more of Brodi and find out more about the trip to Indo's Northern reaches in Tracks issue 573 Photo: Swilly


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