I remember watching Endless Summer 2 religiously from the age of 9. It's probably the reason while I'm here in front of a computer posting this for you funnily enough. The idea of adventure, surfing perfect waves and capturing it on film seemed like the dream life, and even at a desk in Sydney, well it's still what keeps you working. Because one day I'll get my 2 weeks off and get to this iconic point break known as Bruce's Beauties. It'll probably be shit but i'll walk those dunes next to the condos and this guy, Sebastian Williams will be out there getting more barrelled then me. Maybe even Bruce Brown's monologue will be entertaining my inner head space. Yes, the idea of escaping is what keeps you here working to escape... actually it doesn't make sense, what the f#@k am i doing here? Ah, shit deep sighs and day dreaming again, just take a deep breath and watch the bloody clip.