Ahh those fat, Red Bull budgets are hard to beat when it comes to these mini-docos and of course they have big names like Jordy Smith to call on, to narrate and surf. This installation, which explores the merits of Cape Town as a surf city, is worth viewing if you have the time. Jordy tells us that Cape Town is a cosmopolitan city with cool bars and glorious beaches that buttress the soaring mountains. Then (after downing a Red Bull of course) he and a few friends surf the kind of offshore-brushed barrels you’d happily endure the cold for. The other side to the Cape is the big wave scene and the clip showcases Matt Bromley and a bunch of other hellmen taking on shifting monsters at the aptly named Dungeons. Of course there is no mention of the sharks or the recent water shortage, but it does make you consider a trip to Cape Town – particularly when the Oz dollar is currently worth ten times the Rand.