Lee Wilson may have dropped this clip but he makes it clear that Wardo is the star of this show. “To me, Chris Ward in the water is like Basquite on a canvas,” he says. “A raw and unpredictable approach with an end product that one could stare at over and over again. He weaves unique, stylish and abstract lines through assorted parts of all sorts of waves – big and small.

“He has been coming to Desert point for years. In my books there is no backside surfer I would rather watch out there than Lord Ward himselfThis was my third time to Desert Point and the first time I've ever surfed it offshore. I hit up Wardo to see if he was down to collaborate on a piece. He was more than happy to. We went surfing, Carlo documented.

“I've surfed some pretty good lefts in my life but nothing that comes close to this. A trip that was meant to be three days was cut short to one due to a wave driving my feet into the reef. This is what happened. We hope you enjoy as much as we enjoyed making it.”