For more than half a century Coolangatta has been a thriving epicentre of Australian beach culture. Most of us have enjoyed the miracle of the Super-Bank at some point, and after a few leg-burners there’s nothing like sauntering down to the Coolangatta shops to refuel for the next session. You can even visit the fabled Coolangatta Pie Shop, where for years the meat pies were a staple diet for some of the world’s best surfers.

Amongst Australians, there are so many memories of sun-kissed, summer holidays at ‘Cooly’ where you surfed until your eyes burnt like coals and your boardshort rash was so bad, you walked like a bow-legged cowboy.

With its classic hotels, glorious beach-view apartments, and eclectic assembly of cafes, clubs and restaurants Cooly remains one of the world’s ultimate surfing-holiday destinations. Not all of us are allowed to travel there right now, but for those who can, the likes of Joel Parkinson, Occy and Dean Morrison are extending an invitation to head to Cooly and support local businesses… who knows they might even call you into a wave.