As we were about to embark on a recent Tracks trip to Indo one of the young surfers had hustled an advanced download of Craig Anderson’s new film, The Quieter You Are The More You Can Hear. We all huddled around an I-phone and watched it while waiting to head out to the Ments. It can't be understated how much influence Craig's clips have on other pro surfers. They expect him to set the bar for both performance and cinematic style.  

In an era where the impact of your clip is crucial to your status amongst peers and fans, Craig has a reputation for being a hard working perfectionist. He will surf the globe till he is sure he has the necessary raw ingredients and then double down on the editing to ensure his release has an aesthetic quality he is happy with.

This visual collaboration with Kai Neville doesn’t disappoint. Think of it as being as much an experience as a surf film and you will certainly enjoy Craig’s long-form edit over the long weekend.