We are undeniably in the midst of the twin fin renaissance and it seems with each new clip the twinny devotees are pushing the boundaries ever further. In this installation Adrien Toyon does a pretty good job of disproving the notion that twinnys are designed for two-foot burgers as he catapults himself into some chunky left bends on a lonely French left. And if you always wanted to hear what Stairway to Heaven sounds like as a surfing soundtrack, this is your chance.      

Adrien on the board:

“That was my first ever surfboard. When I was 9 years old, my parents gave me for Christmas, almost 20 years ago. I found it again in my parents house in Reunion Islands and I brought it here. Then it spent some long time in my garage looking at me hahaha…That single concave and sharp lines were perfect on this day. Never thought I was going to surf this board again, and even more in this kind of waves.”

Filmed and edited by Martxel Txintxurreta (@martxel_)