Tracks recently embarked on a twin fin odyssey through the Maldives. For two weeks it was double or nothing for Asher Pacey, Tyler Warren, Matt Meola, Chippa Wilson and Robbie Rickard. Speed limits were broken, cloud-tickling punts lofted and the boundaries of twin fin surfing redefined.  

Chippa Wilson redefining the twin fin rules. Photo: Swilly

The attached clip is the crystallisation of the journey’s finest moments. Enjoy the uninterrupted flow and embrace the infectious sense of fun, but also be warned. As Asher Pacey sagely commented on the trip, "Once you go to two fins it can be hard to come back."

Film by Tyson Lloyd: @tysonlloydfilms 

Music by The Ruuins @the_ruiins and Seaside @heyseaside

Thanks to Louis Harris from Liquid Destination for finding the best waves on offer in the Maldives and operating a first-class boat charter.  

Thanks also to Simon Williams for his work behind the lens.   

Photo: Swilly