In our current issue we spoke to Torren Martyn about his sojourn through Indonesia on a very open minded quiver. In the past 12 months Torren has been riding twin fins, singles and quads after connecting with local shaper Simon Jones, custodian of the Morning of the Earth Surfboards label. Toz told us, “I met Simon briefly about two years ago after he shaped an asymmetric single for the Tracks Electric Cool Surf Experiment for Heath [Joske], Asher [Pacey], Soli [Bailey] and myself. Immediately I was a fan of his work and character. He’s a good honest bloke that puts a lot of effort and passion into each board.” Time past then Simon shaped Torren a ‘Tracks Twinny’ and something clicked. “It was intended as a fun sort of ‘novelty’ board that I thought I would ride every now and then and on the points but the speed it produced and different lines it made me draw made it really hard to get back on the contemporary shapes.” Torren intends to keep traveling to more tropical locales, exploring the inner possibilities of fun.

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