It was during the last two qualifying events of 2018 on Oahu’s North Shore that the name Morgan Cibilic rose to the fore. An unknown Aussie on a Hawaiian tear that came from nowhere to earn his place on the 2020 World Tour. Unfortunately for Morgan, 2020 had other plans and his start on tour would have to wait.

Morgan has been using the downtime to fine-tune his surfing and his boards, shaped by Will Webber, Sibling of the enigmatic Greg Webber. The model you’ll see in this clip is called the ‘Wundabat’, which Will gives a colourful explanation of in the video’s description.

Just like Homer's enchanted baseball bat, so too, is Morgan's mystical new shortboard.

A lightning flash in my mind one morning had me working on a new design to push his two existing models. Essentially it's a blended, super-charged, love child of the Live Wire and Smiley Face. It sports a higher, slight hip, deeper single concave, and accelerated tail rocker. ​Ridden narrower than normal in conjunction with the hip gives a really drivey rail between the feet. The tail foil is more refined and pod pulled in to help you dominate the deep single concave. Maximum drive, hold and release for smooth powerhouse surfing.

It seems to be working for Morgan too. Captured over five days, this footage shows Morgan looking in sublime touch, and moving the sort of water the judges on tour will lap up. Hopefully, we get to see Morgan in a heat sometime in the near(ish) future.