Unless you’ve been living under a rock you would’ve heard about the ‘Fight for the Bight’ movement. It centres around deep water exploratory oil drilling planned for the waters off Australia’s Great Australian Bight to be carried out by Norwegian company Equinor, and the danger this poses to the thousands of kilometres of pristine coastline that would be irreparably damaged should things go wrong.

Thanks to a dedicated crew, the movement has slowly gained momentum, and this week it entered federal politics when Bill Shorten promised a ‘study’ on the matter should he be elected.

Further north, Adani are battling for the green light on their plan for a coal mine that has the potential to irreparably damage the Great Barrier Reef.

Island Home is an independent short film which takes a look at both of these threats to Australia’s stunning natural environment, and its future, through the lens of surfers, school kids, first-nation elders and passionate Australian’s who are stepping up to fight against the international fossil fuel giants seeking to profit from the destruction of their country.


Dan Ross 
Belinda Baggs and Rayson Baggs
Birri nation elder: Uncle Ken Peters-Dodd 
Dr. Alan Cuthbertson

Directed by: Matty Hannon and Gary Parker
Cinematography: Matty Hannon, Gary Parker and Johnny Gaskell
Additional footage: Lewis Haskins, Madison Jeffrey, Che Chorley and Joe Proudman