The opening event of the 2018 World Tour is drawing ever nearer. The window opens this coming Sunday, and surfers have begun filing into the Gold Coast over the last few days.

Unfortunately there hasn’t been much in the way of rideable waves to greet them. Desperate to ‘get their feet in the wax’ to quote the WSL’s commentary team, John John Florence and Kolohe Andino snuck across the river and over the border in search of something to warm up on, which they did … just.

Although it was a grovel, JJF looks to be in solid form, blasting the barely there waves with a varied assault that would seem impossible given the conditions. Kolohe also looks spritely, drawing on his T-Street knowhow in the smaller conditions.

However, there is some swell due over the next few days, which will give a better gauge of the surfers real form leading into the event. Stay tuned.