Throughout history artists have sacrificed much to realise their creative visions - relationships, families, their sanity etc.

But what about getting smeared across the reef at Teahupoo like a bug on a windscreen? That’s the kinda risk young south coast NSW photographer Leroy Bellet is willing to take in order to burn the perfect surf photo onto his camera’s sensor.

You’ve seen his earlier POV work printed on the pages of Tracks before; Scott Dennis bathed in a stunning sunset glow deep inside a south coast cave, Russell Bierke tracking through a warbled South Oz slab.

Now he’s taken it to the next level by stuffing himself deep into tubes with no exit behind the world’s best at Teahupoo - Surely you’ve seen the shot of Michel Bourez by now. A wave that most normal humans wouldn’t want a piece, of even with the possibility of a make and minus 5-10 kgs of camera equipment ready to take their heads off.

For the last three years Red Bull have been backing and documenting Leroy in his pursuit of the perfect shot, this clip is a snapshot of the journey.