Look, we know that when surfer’s take themselves out of the ocean and profess their true calling as a musician, the results can be cringeworthy … anyone remember the surfers band with Kelly and Machado?

There are notable exceptions however. The Goons of Doom have been slaying surf town tours for over a decade now. Creed, Ellis Ericson and Beau Foster’s band WASH are gaining a following. And I’m sure there’s plenty more I’m forgetting or electing not to mention.

The latest to get seriousish about their love of music is Newport Beach’s Andrew Doheny. Together with Matt Tromberg and Merrit Scott they make up Power Lunch. A chaotic thrash laced psychedelic affair that’s not for the faint of ear, but to me sounds like it’d work perfectly on a modern day remake of the Wave Warriors vids … perhaps to Christian Fletcher’s section?