What are the chances of scoring The One at the Superbank when it's on? Slim to none for most of us. But each time a cyclone swell is running down the point it’s like watching a flock of seagulls attacking a discarded box of hot chips on the ground. Frenzied mindless fighting overrides any logical response and the alpha always gets what he wants. 

The last time I surfed up there I did one lap and headed straight home. Burnt by every nationality under the sun for a consolation closeout through Greenmount. From sneaky Spaniards, jacked-up Brazilians, tiny Japanese groms and hot-headed locals that had seen way too much of the Queensland sun the lineup was a conga line I was not wanting to join.  

Save yourself the pain and check out local film dude Jesse Little’s 2019 showreel and weep.