In a past life Rob Machado traded blows with Kelly Slater in pursuit of world title glory. They were somehow simultaneously archrivals and buddies. While Kelly remains devoted to the path of competition and the production of the ultimate high-performance surfboard, Rob is more focused on craft with a distinctive feel and flow and wants nothing to do with coloured singlets and heat sirens. Curiously he does much of his best work made on boards under Kelly Slater's Firewire banner. One thing that hasn’t changed is Machado’s rubber-limbed mastery on rail, irrespective of what board he is riding. In this clip he samples a range of different lengths and shapes. Keep an eye on the rail work, which remains sublime.

- Supported by: NobodySurf (@nobody_surf)
- Surfer: Rob Machado (@rob_machado)
- Film/Edit: Tatsuo Takei (@tatsuo_takei)
- Location: Seaside Reef, California