Words courtesy Red Bull

Surfing is meant to be fun. It’s supposed to be a healthy way to chew away at time in a joyous manner. However, things like crowds, contests, bad winds, earaches, broken leashes, torn MCLs, cold wetsuits, 3.5s and that annoying guy on the longboard often efface the fun and turn surfing into a chore. Just not for Mason Ho.

Mason Ho has more fun than anyone. You can see it in the way he surfs and you can see it in the way he talks. Actually, you will see it in the way he surfs and the way he talks in the first episode of Red Bull’s "Made In Hawaii" short film series. Filmed on location on Oahu’s North Shore, "Made In Hawaii" paints a portrait of one of the cultural centers in the surf world. Each episode is a vignette -- part of a bigger, three-part short film series highlighting Hawaii, Australia and, later, Europe. Each chapter is a snapshot; a commentary on the state-of-play in that region. Today’s installment is all about Mason and, more importantly, all about fun.

Film by: Red Bull