Here’s the description from the video by Mason:

Not sure how this got out but what eva haahaa. Super weird though ... it was private on the Vimeo then someone or something mysteriously changed the setting.

Umm k. 
Here is somewhat my perspective on the Padang Cup ... A RIP CURL VIDEO ... I mean same ol' but yeah this is for Rip Curl.

Thank you Rip Curl Asia!

I tried to keep the camera in my hand much possible but I don't know how to focus it too well or work audio or any of that super hero nerd shit I dream of knowing about. Rory got most of the clips. Additional footage by Fabian and Sam Norwood..

GOOD times when we went out that night, some of it at the end of the surfing... wish we got to put it ALL in but some people no can handle too much fun...

Plenty surfers in this let me think who... tune back later