Mason Ho and Sheldon Paishon ride cute, wind-blown funnels and play chicken with a right point. 

This time Mason tickles our curiosity by grabbing Dad Mike's board – a 5'4" Lost redux with a funky, winged round tail. It all goes down 'Somewhere in Hawaii'  but as per usual Mason likes to keep us guessing – that's part of the fun and also protects his cred. 

Paishon, a wonder-kid who grew up the hard way on Oahu's west side, proves he has some solid free-surfing chops and Noa Deane drops in for a cameo; as does Dave Wassel. But does Mason ding dad's board as he shaves rocks with his rail? Oh oh, Mr Ho?

It's just another episode from Mason's ministry of fun where wild waves, interesting surfers, crazy moves and impromptu antics are all part of the show.