Mick Fanning is known for seeking unique experiences. In his year off tour he went fly-fishing and visited the Northern Lights; more recently he was captured wearing a specialized suit that allowed him to be chased down by an attack dog.  

Four to a wave – it's just like the Superbank. Photo: Red Bull/Corey Wilson  

Obviously he hasn’t let a return to the tour stifle his curiosity for cultural diversions.  En route to the Quiksilver Pro, France he visited the famed Eisbach, river wave in Munich with a few friends in tow. It was worth noting that Mick was riding one of his new MF foamie models. Seems like he is eager to capitalize on the trend for foamies.

After slaying the world’s most famous stationary wave, Mick and his entourage suited up for an assault on Oktoberfest. Why wouldn’t you? Good to see someone embracing the fringe benefits that being on tour offers.  

Mick Fanning donning a different kind of vest as he prepares to hit Oktoberfest in Bavaria. Photo: Red Bull/ Corey Wilson