If the full-length surf movie seemed dead and buried in the ADHD world of web edits and social media, then Wade Goodall and Shane Fletcher’s Pentecoastal is a big fuck-off zombie that claws its way from the grave, grabs viewers by the balls, and rams 30-odd minutes of the best surf cinema seen in many moons down their throat.

It’s an intense ride from start to finish and perfectly showcases what we’ve known all along, that Wade Goodall is one of Australia’s best surfers. From progressive work on the face to wrestling with horrifically beautiful foam-balls at oversized P-Pass, Pentecoastal leaves no questions as to Wade’s versatility and talent.

Harry Bryant also puts in a super-impressive performance throughout the flick, with his lofty punts and kink for taking off over bone-dry ledges. Dane also stars, but not quite as much as we’d like. However, we’ll take Dane any way we can get him.

If you haven’t already indulged, then we highly suggest you hit play right now!