YouTube is not the ideal portal through which to see Nias. The best view is of course from the inside looking out. Still, as the ban on leaving Australia continues, this raw footage certainly reminds us of what we are missing out on. And if you do find a way out, here's the filmer's broken English tips for how you can secure a Visa and travel to Indo's original, fantasy right-hander. 


"Yes, its a dream scoring empty Nias these weeks!
But there is a Visa you can come is cost around 900 us though:
(my agent wrote it):
"Visa 211A cost 12.500.000
- sponsor company
- Telex approval
- Invitation letter
- We need your ticket one day before departure
- VIP fast track airport bali or jakarta
- We taking care until enter indonesia(if you not break the rules)
- embassy fee 50 usd"

So its kinda possible like Kelly did it : )
Thanks for watching (and sharing) anyway!