Perhaps more than any other, Taylor Steele was the man who directed the current of surfing through the 90s. His seminal performance based films, Momentum I & II, Focus, Goodtimes, Loose Change, Campaign I & II etc. made and broke careers. You were nobody unless you featured, and to possess the final section signalled your arrival into a very elite club.

They also provided endless pre surf psych sessions for young surfers around the world, and now the kids of the 90s and early Naughties can relive those simpler times, rose coloured glasses firmly in place.

Taylor Steele has just started his very own Youtube account, and the first order of business is delivering the full movies and premium sections from his early work, plus a host of unseen gold.

My go to sections as a pre pubescent grom were the two embedded here … Shane Dorian and Kelly Slater in Momentum II - NoFx’s Malachi Crunch set to Kelly at his raw early stages gives me goosebumps to this day.

Head over here to check out the full channel