Last Wednesday, as surfers on the Gold Coast slept, they dreamt of what would meet them the next morning. Linda was due in town overnight and the expectations were high. As the light dawned, we now know what waited was something pretty special. Joel Parko scored what many are calling the best wave ever ridden at Snapper and Kirra was mind-blowing for both the morning freesurf session and the comp.

However, there were a few people missing from their beds that morning, including Sebastian Zeitz. He, along with a handful of other smart cookies, had fled the Gold Coast under the cover of darkness, headed for a mythical pointbreak to the north.

What they found was probably as close to a surfing Nirvana as you can get. Endless tubes gurgling over a groomed sand-bottom point, and only a handful of cluey souls and locals sharing the spoils.

And yes, we know you probably know where it is, but keep it to yourself … don’t be that guy.