“Everybody’s opinionated, it’s just that you either bottle it up or let it out.”

Over the years we’ve all come to know that Albee Layer resides on the latter end of the spectrum he’s described above. He’s a go to for surf media around the world when they need a quote on all manner of contentious issues in surfing, and he generally pulls no punches when he’s got something he wants to say.

Good thing, bad thing? We’re not here to argue that, but we will say it’s refreshing to have someone speak their mind on matters 90 percent of the surfing world ignores.

Albee’s approach in the water is just as uncompromising. He goes hard, and goes home. Surfs the way he wants and is doing it for no-one but himself.

In this clip we delve a little deeper into both the surfing and personality of Albee, and whether he’s your cup of tea or not, it’s definitely worth your time.