Hollywood had reportedly forced the closure of Teahupo'o this morning. However according to media reports from Tahiti these claims proved false. Tahiti Infos reported, "Contrary to what had been reported in Surfline and taken up by various local and French media, the spot Teahupo'o was absolutely not 'closed' this morning." According to Tahitian, Raimana Van Bastolaer no such agreement took place between the municipality of Teahupo'o to force the closure of the lineup for the film crew. "What is happening to the reef is the jurisdiction of the state and Maritime Affairs. They came to see me but they had no order to introduce myself. I am disappointed that the media did not check with the authorities before releasing this information was in fact a hoax," Raimana told Tahiti Infos. Hopefully the duo of Towner and Longbottom did score some epic rides and we will see them on the silver screen this September when the sequel hits cinemas. Until then enjoy Wall Of Skulls, courtesy of Billabong starring some of the best surfers at Tahiti's most famous wave.

Film by: Billabong