It’s that time of the year when everyone’s attention turns to Pipe. The new WCT qualifiers have been determined and now there’s a world title to decide. Of course, Pipe is a kind of daily battle-ground every time it breaks, where the local specialists strive to justify their sponsorships and the WCT drifters do their best to hustle a few warm-up waves.

Young filmer, Nick Colclough, was camped out at Pipe when the swell turned on. Kid couldn’t take his eye off the lineup for five days straight, in case he missed something monumental. It was Nick's third trip to the North Shore on shooting duties and he suggested this was by far and away the best Pipe he’s shot.

The usual suspects like Jamie O’Brien and Mason were dominating but watch out for Italo Ferreira’s role-in doozy – a clear sign he is ready to chase down the title in heavy barrels. Curiously another stand-out in the free surf sessions has been Ryan Callinan. The lanky Australian loves nothing more than a little stand-tall time beneath an arching Pipeline lip. Hopefully, he can maintain the form going into the Masters.    

Filmed and edited by Ryan Colclough @kookleymedia

Music by New Trends