As soon as the email dropped into our inbox smiles spread across our faces. It was from Ryan Callinan, he was doing the rounds, humbly sending out his new edit personally. No PR firm, no company froth machine, just Ryan asking if we’d like to share his new edit. So refreshing, and we wouldn’t expect anything else from one of surfing’s nicest and most down to earth humans.

You may remember Ryan spent one year on tour back in 2016, but a string of poor results unbefitting of his talent saw him drop off after just 12 months.

Since then Ryan has has been working on both his surfing and his growth as a human being. He’s also making a big run at the QS this year to ensure he gets back on tour where he deserves to be.

Looking at the form he displays in this clip of a recent Fijian strike mission, and the fact he currently sits fourth on the QS rankings, we’re sure he’ll find his place back there real soon.